Maintenance Free Aluminum with Short Pickets (Puppy Pickets)

Maintenance Free Aluminum with Short Pickets (Puppy Pickets)

Premier’s Photo Share of the Week!

Premier’s Maintenance Free Aluminum Series is a practical, durable, economical and aesthetic way to define a border on your property.  This customer chose to install the 3- Rail Flat Top design with Short Pickets (Puppy Pickets) in Black Textured Finish. Choosing to include the puppy pickets was for the safety of their small dog in their dog run.

Your style is your choice when it comes to adding the puppy picket to your fence!

-Choose from Flat or Spear Top

-Choose to include the puppy pickets at 20” high or add them to the mid-rail

-Choose as an add on to any aluminum design

Aluminum fencing is not only durable, but also low maintenance so it can be enjoyed without the having to constantly care for the fence.

Photograph Features:

-Digger Fence Specialties 3- Rail Flat Top Aluminum Fence with Puppy Pickets

-Contour Abilities of the 3- Rail Flat Top Design

Premier’s Lattice Works selection offers attractive and dependable choices to exclusive designs built from high quality components. To learn more about our Lattice Works Series visit here:

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DIY Packages are available for all Premier products.

If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects or are looking at a cost saving option, please inquire about our material only options. Email a copy of the layout and any project specifics to

Premier’s Aluminum Maintenance Free Fencing Features:

-Lightweight and durable product

-Large selection of styles, colors and accessories

-Limited Maintenance Required

-Professional Installation Crews

-Lifetime Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

-Premier Exclusive 5-year Warranty


Premier Fence is a small, woman & family-owned business located at 1105 Homer Street St. Paul, MN 55116


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